Current Sanctuary Residents


Gertie is around 17 or 18.  She came to us from a shelter in Lancaster.  She was also found as a stray.  The shelter looked for a rescue to help because Gertie was terrified and trying to bite everyone.  An amazing group helped get her to us! After x-rays, we found that her back was broken and our vet was surprised that she could even potty and get around by herself.  She was very little feeling in her back legs.  She gets around pretty well and is sassy as ever. She is momma's girl through and through, as most people can't even pet her! 


Norman, is 17 and has been here the longest out of the bunch! Norman recently went completely blind and  is doing ok with the new adjustment as long as mom stays close!  He came to us from a shelter in Columbus.  He was found as a stray and very emaciated.  He has put on weight and loves when it is dinner time! In fact, he wakes us up every day by 6:30 am to eat by barking at us until he gets his breakfast!  He is on a daily pain med and also has trouble with his eyes, where blood sometimes gathers.  His sight is also going and he suffers from sundowners syndrome.  CBD does help and gives him good rest at night! 


Izabells is 12. Her owner passed away and we saw her photo on social media and we knew in our hearts that she should be a part of our family.  She was born without front legs and uses her wheels to get out around when we are outside.  In the house, she gets around kinda like an inchworm.  She is very sassy but is a total momma's girl!  Healthwise she is pretty healthy except for her knee caps that don't always stay in place and that seems to be getting worse.  We are hoping that some meds will give her some relief. 


One of our youngest babies at 7 years old!

Vita was rescued from the side of the road by momma herself when she was an Animal Control Officer!  She was only 4 months old and 2 lbs because she was extremely emaciated and her organs were starting to shut down.  She was skin and bones when she arrived.  She was rushed to a vet and was in liver failure and we were not sure she would survive the night.  After many sleepless nights, she took a turn for the better and started getting stronger!  She is now a sassy little nugget and is best friends with Kingston and Cheeze! 


Bella is around 11 years old and she was rescued as a puppy from a junkyard!  She was a puppy and was the last of her litter and we brought her home!  She is one of our most healthy babies!  She recently had a dental and got a clean bill of dental health.  Bella prefers to cuddle with mom and just take long naps!  She is terrified of thunder, fireworks, and storms so we do a lot for her to keep her comfortable when it rains!  CBD, Thundershirts and even enrichment activities!


Kingston was an original foster of ours.  He came to us terrified and untrustworthy of people to the point where we could barely touch him.  He was adopted out to someone that wasn't ready for a small dog with some issues so he was returned to us.  He regressed to the point of no touching again after this and we promised him that we wouldn't change his world again and that he would stay and feel safe with us.  He is the most friendly people lover now!  He just loves everyone! Kingston is around 9 years old.


Our Furriest Baby!

 Marley came to us from one of our favorite large breed rescues and she is 9!  Marley has a partially collapsed trachea but she is fairly healthy otherwise except for some hip and joint issues in her back legs.  She did have mammary tumors removed that we hope will not return but for now she has a spunky attitude and loves to chase the cat!  She loves people so very much and we are hoping to get her certified to be a Therapy pup to go visit kids and seniors!  She loves to be petted! 


Our Largest Baby!

Cheeze is 13 years young! Cheeze is our cancer survivor!  He recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and he did great! Cheeze came to us at a young age.  He was kept in an abandoned house with 2 other dogs for almost a year.  Mom finally was able to get me out!  He was emaciated and not healthy at all.  We helped him gain weight and learn that people were not scary.  Cheeze now helps all the pups that come to our house learn to run the yard, potty and play outside!   He is a super sweet boy! 


Pebbles is 18 and blind.  She came to us from an owner surrender in OH.  This poor girl was dumped at the shelter.  She is full of life and very vocal about not missing her dinner!!  She is learning to get around the house and even does well getting outside to Potty!  She does have major cataracts and we are considering the removal of them to extend her sight life but we will see!!  She just wants to be with the others and snuggle up with them! Cheese especially! 


Trixie is around 9-10.  She came out of a chihuahua hoarding situation where 17 chi's were removed. Many had leg issues but hers were the most severe so we got the call.  Trixie walks on her front paws only! Completely vertical!  She can kind of army crawl a bit to get around the house.  She is still very scared of people as we had to be the first people to give her attention and pets.  She does have wheels that we are working on getting her to use but she struggles right now. 


Lottie is our little Lotus Flower from Arizona.  She was just a baby at only 5 months old when she came to us! She is now 2! We were asked to help this baby and when her foster momma and flight angel stepped up we couldn't not help her!  She has no use of her back legs.  When we got her to the vet for Xrays to see what was going on we discovered a bullet.  The bullet severed her spinal cord and she will never walk again.  She is so blessed to have a supportive foster momma and flight angel to get her to us! She loves her wheels and we promise her the best life we can!  We are doing physical therapy to see if we can make her legs any stronger or even give her some movement so time will tell!


Timmie came from Florida!  He has some kidney issues but they were stable enough for him to make the trip.  After a few weeks, he began to have seizures.  A lot of them.  He is now on phenobarbitol and we seem to be still in the adjustment phase and making sure he has the right dose! He has some GI issues too from a severe case of Giardia as well, He came with it and boy is it lingering!  He will need a dental in his future as well!  He loves a good snuggle and a good nap !!


Neena is around 7-8 and has IVDD and can not use her back legs. She was a shelter for almost a year! The Shelter staff was amazing and gave her everything she needed to get a good start! We are losing a little weight and seeing our physical therapist too!  She has some deep sensation in her piggies so maybe she will gain some strength, but for now, we are ordering her some wheels and staying snuggling in drag bags!


Benny was rescued at 2 months old unable to walk.  He can get around but he can not use his back legs much at all.  After a surgery consult it was determined that his pelvis was crushed either at birth or shortly after.  There isn't much to repair inside that little body.  He is going to stay with us until it is too hard for him to get around.  For now is he playful and loving life!


Sergio came to us from a fellow rescue in Florida where Timmie came from.  He is extremely spicey and he barely tolerates momma but he deserves space and love too! He is an old man at around 14 and has a collapsed tracheal and bronchial issues as well.  We will make him as comfortable as we can for however long we can!