Stephanie - DogMomma

Stephanie has a passion for rescue work and fostering the "underdogs" that nobody wants!  She prides herself on giving back and making sure that all the dogs in her life know love and have a warm bed in their retirement years.  The good, the bad, and the ugly...she's in it for the dogs.  All profits from her craft business go directly to help with supplies and medical bills for the doggie residents.

Stephanie is the human mom of one amazing daughter and 14, YES 14, amazing pups, each with their own special rescue story!  She hopes to inspire others, including her daughter, to reach for the stars and to dream big!  She also has a passion for educating people about senior and handicapped dogs, nutrition, and enrichment for dogs too!! 

She is also certified in canine nutrition and we love helping others decide what is best for their pups!  We also volunteer in the community connecting our handicapped pups with kids with disabilities as well.

Geoff - The DogFather

Geoff runs his own corporate scheduling company by day and by night he is the best dogfather!  His passion for dogs started early but he had no idea the impact that senior dogs, especially little Arnie, would have on his life.  

Arnie was a special boy and he was our first rescue together.  He changed our views on these babies and he decided to go all in!  Arnie taught us so much even though he was blind and had a softball-sized tumor under his belly. We will continue to rescue seniors in his honor, like we know he would want us to do.  

Arnie passed after an amazing year with us but he lives on in our hearts every single day!